Meaning – Does your performance have any? Try asking why am I doing this before you ask how you will do it.

Ability – Do you know what your abilities are? Work right up the boundaries of what you know you can do and then take a deep breath and push up hard against them. Don’t step over them or you’ll screw up, but remember that boundaries are always changing.

Generosity – Try giving away a bit more. More of yourself, more of your ‘secrets”, more of your material. People are going to take it anyway in one form or another so beat them to it and maybe they’ll thank you for it.

Insight – Spend more time being critical of yourself than you are of other performers / people. Just remember that perfection is flawed.

Creativity – Magic is a very small world. The real world is much more interesting, (says a guy sat in front of a computer!). Go on fly my pretties FLY!

Look at that it’s an acronym !!! And it spells MAGIC, (not magic spells) – what are the chances of that? Even a juggler could remember that.

I will rattle on about each of these over the next few months, ( if I can see the point, polish up my writing skills, feel like giving it away, reckon it’s good enough, and can think of anything to say.)

Peter Wardell
Peter Wardell

Close up Magician and Stage Magician of the Year at the world famous Magic Circle. A former Covent Garden street performer who now provides world class magic for private and corporate events - Trade Shows, Conferences Weddings & Parties.

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