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Connect & Captivate

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Peter provides great magic tied in with our key messages. We have employed him to present at exhibitions for over 8 years.

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Peter had an excellent impact, creating a memorable stand and raising footfall.

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Brilliant.  We gained over 60 leads which we would not have gained if you hadn’t have been there.


Why Use a Trade Show Magician?

Capturing the attention of your target audience at a Trade Show is difficult at the best of times.  Finding new and exciting ways of delivering your message is becoming more important.  Experts say that you only have 4 seconds to stop someone before they walk past your stand – do you have what it takes?  ( Hint – A fishbowl full of sweets is not enough.)

A Trade Show Magician could be the solution, helping you put the right kind of “Show” in your Trade Show

A Trade Show Magician offers a unique approach to generating more leads. A great Trade Show Magician is engaging and informative.  Their presentations are tailored to have the most positive impact. Visitors to your stand develop a positive association with your brand and your message.

A Trade Show Magician can also be used to pre-qualify visitors.  This leaves your sales team free to focus on the most promising prospects.

A Trade Show Magician appeals to exhibition visitors sense of curiosity and their desire to be entertained.  At the same time they create a unique experience that is built around your requirements. This is not a Magic Show in the traditional sense.

A Trade Show Magician  will professionally engineer presentations so that visitors will remember the experience and more importantly remember YOU.

As a Trade Show Magician I have used Magic to help clients across a broad range of industries achieve better results from exhibitions. So before you dismiss Trade Show Magic as “not suitable” for your company, get in touch and I will talk through the possibilities with you.

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What can you expect from me?

2 hour desk research:  

  • Learning about your companies history & culture.

2 hour pre-show meeting to clarify:

  • Event Objective Key Messaging Target clients & companies
  • Concept design – 4 effects.

2 hour concept meeting to:

  • Introduce script ideas.
  • Demonstrate prototype effects.

Full event attendance

  • Pre-show demo on day 1
  • 8 hours / day
  • 4 bespoke presentations

Follow-up report

  • Observations
  • Effectiveness of presentations
  • Recommendations for future.

I will guarantee my work as a Trade Show Magician and I promise to make a difference to your Trade Show experience making it completely risk free for you.