Mind Control Freaks Title
As seen on TV! -The Hustler on “The Mind Control Freaks”

As one of the countries leading exponents of sleight of hand magic Peter has developed the skills that allow him to steal watches, wallets and other personal items in the context of great entertainment. Volunteers are treated with courtesy and respect while being “dipped” and of course all items are returned during the performance. Pickpocketing can be introduced as part of either a close-up or cabaret performance.

          It use to be known as the Bunco Booth but now you will probably think of “The Real Hustle” when Peter performs an array of card scams and street cons.  If you’re a poker player or have ever been ripped off by a street scam then you could learn a thing or two.  3 Card Monte, Bottom & Centre Dealing, the Shell & Pea, are a few of the demonstrations that Peter offers, while mixing in stories of legendary con-men and street wise advice.