Creating Powerful Performances

[us_testimonial author=”Peter Czapp” company=”The WOW Company”]

Pete Wardell is a master at capturing people’s imagination and inspiring them to do something amazing within their businesses.


[us_testimonial author=”Chris Gaskell CBE”]

Peter Wardell was excellent at our equality and diversity conference; his assured combination of magic and humour was linked clearly to the subjects we were considering.


[us_testimonial author=”Rebecca Lawrence-Bristol” company=”Index Communications”]
Peter Wardell is THE showman, THE magician, THE motivator and THE ultimate performer for any event. Don’t even hesitate – book him![/us_testimonial]

[us_testimonial author=”John McCabe” company=”Senior Managing Consultant – IBM Global Business Services”]

He was able to combine his obvious skills as a magician and performer with the ability to deliver a serious business message. His presentation was motivational and entertaining making it an extremely successful conclusion to our 2 day event.


[us_testimonial author=”Tim Eddis” company=”Eton College”]

We have been lucky enough to have some top flight magicians visit Eton over the years, but none of them managed to cause quite the stir that you did. I have never witnessed a standing ovation for any visiting speaker – your achievement was really quite something