As a top performer it is essential that you master the skill of face to face communication. Even in today’s hi-tech world it is still the most effective way to ensure both your personal and business success.

This unique one day seminar is designed to develop core skills that will enable you to communicate with clarity and confidence. The seminar is interactive, informative and fun, employing magic and performance as the mechanism for teaching key communication skills.

What are the benefits?[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Learn More” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]

  • You will gain a greater awareness and control of situations.
  • You will learn how to get and hold attention.
  • You will develop improved confidence in your abilities to communicate effectively.
  • You will discover a sense of freedom to adapt your message to fit the circumstances.
  • You will have a renewed desire to engage with those around you


What does the Seminar Cover?[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Learn More” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]

The MAGIC model of effective communication.


Making a Difference.

Transforming yourself and others without smoke and mirrors.

  • Understanding what is you want to say and why.
  • Aligning your goals with your audiences goals.
  • The importance of Clarity.

Attention & Awareness

Reading minds like a mentalist – well almost.

  • Getting Attention & Paying Attention.
  • Keeping attention.
  • The importance of Confidence.

Give & Take.

Magic words & gestures.

  • The power of Gratitude & Generosity.
  • Creating an information gap.
  • The importance of Credibility.


Invisible forces at work.

  • Closing the edge & energy control.
  • The need for boundaries.
  • The importance of Commitment.

Call to Action

Mind control but  a lot less sinister.

  • Getting your point across.
  • It’s all about Timing.
  • The Importance of Control.


Who should attend?[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Learn More” show_less=”Hide” start=”hide”]

Anyone interested in improving their communication skills either in a 1 to 1 situation or when addressing a larger group.